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Data Privacy Compliance Assessment and Review

Breaches involving personal data continue to rise, changing the public's expectations of privacy. In response to this increasing threat, local, national, and international authorities are creating new rules and regulations governing the use, storage and sharing of information. As these privacy regulations come into effect, companies recognize that successful management of data is not only essential for avoiding the costs of non-compliance, but also for managing their reputation.

Vendor Management Risk Programs 

Data Privacy Protection policies and procedures do not stop at employees.  Every business interacts with 3rd party vendors to best serve clients and customers. Whether vendors provide goods or services, a vast amount of data is collected to do business. Your business is responsible for any loss of your clients' or customers' data through your 3rd party interactions. Establishing an organizational process to select and maintain favorable terms with qualified 3rd party vendors is critical in reducing reputational damage and legal liability.

Information Security, Governance and Technical Gap Assessments

Responsible business leaders reduce information technology risks and protect digital assets and critical business systems through effective policies and procedures.  Frequent vulnerability assessments test information technology and business systems to reveal any unknown risks and gaps in current policies and procedures.  By bolstering both operational and technical strengths, organizations  gain valuable insight and reduce the likelihood and impact of a cybersecurity incident.

Incident Response: Planning, Remediation and Investigation 

Managing the aftermath of a cybersecurity incident requires an organized approach to address business disruption and loss of profitability.  With proper planning and preparation, businesses can identify steps needed to reduce recovery time and limit related expenses. Developing and regularly testing an incident response plan will mitigate the impact of a data breach, ransomware, or other attacks. 

Our Team

The PorzioCS Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Team has years of experience in information security, compliance, vendor management, and incident response. Our team of legal experts, risk professionals, and trusted partners leverage their experience to integrate and manage customized solutions for our clients.  We are focused on the protection, detection, response, and recovery from data privacy and cybersecurity events.


James  G. Mottola, MS, CPP, CISM


Deirdre R. Wheatley-Liss, JD


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Kim E. Miller, Ph.D., CFE

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