Our services are specifically designed for growing and mature businesses that understand a robust business continuity plan can be a  competitive advantage by reducing operational downtime and increasing organizational resiliency.  Our clients look to mitigate risks, limit liability, and improve operational resilience through organizational governance, technical competency, and regulatory compliance. 

Data Privacy Regulatory and Operational Compliance

PorzioCS assesses whether a company is compliant with data privacy laws and regulations through proprietary data mapping, privacy policy tools, and interviews of key stakeholders. Through this process, we identify gaps and create customized training and implementable policies to ensure your company meets all regulatory and compliance requirements.

Data Security Governance and Technical Vulnerability Assessment

Implementing the SANS Top 20 Security, a Unified Control Framework, as a benchmark for a reasonable standard of care, PorzioCS determines if you have an effective information security environment. We then develop an effective information security program with you via our proprietary assessment and technical vulnerability scanning tools.

Vendor Management Review and 3rd Party Vendor Management Risk Program:

Third-party vendors pose a significant risk of cyber incidents to businesses. Utilizing PorzioCS tools, we analyze third-party vendor's information security and data privacy practices,  contractual obligations, and insurance policies to provide data-protection risk-based assessments of business relationships. We use our findings to develop a custom program to mitigate the identified risks through internal processes, contracts, and insurance terms.

Incident Response Planning and Remediation

A designated internal  Incident Response Team, along with frequent testing of the Incident Response Plan, by PorzioCS can correlate a significant decrease in the damage of a cyber incident. PorzioCS designs and tests data loss Incident Response Plans. Led by legal counsel and subject-matter experts, PorzioCS can create a comprehensive Incident Response Plan that helps companies respond to any cyber incident, quickly and efficiently. 

CCPA Compliance and Assessment

The Data Privacy Team utilizes a proprietary tool to determine whether an organization falls within The California Consumer Privacy Act's (CCPA) scope, identify obligations, and provide an actionable plan to meet the necessary requirements.  Whether utilizing the tool alone or consulting with members of the team, PorzioCS can develop a strategy that fits an organization's budget, technology infrastructure, culture, and objectives.